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Sam and Birgit, his riding companion familiar to readers of his other books, are not Americans or North Americans. So it is very interesting to get their take on a land that I thought I knew.

Written so beautifully you feel invited to share the highs, the lows, the joy and sadness and the overall human experience of wild travelling on a motorcycle The experiences come thick and fast You could be his pillion, so well does he describe the sounds, sights and smells of the road. If you like bikes, riding and people watching, Sam is your man.


That one-year trip became an eight-year, , mile adventure across 55 countries. Sam Manicom has a fantastically positive outlook on life, and even when his adventures take very difficult or even sometimes tragic turns, you're never left feeling low.

His tales of travelling with Birget on their pair of bikes, along with his great social, geographical and political insight into his ever-changing surroundings is thoroughly enjoyable. It doesn't matter whether you hanker after riding around the world yourself, or rarely get time for a Sunday blast, listening to Sam narrate his wonderful adventure is a joy.


Distant Suns Every Day An Adventure

Both types of readers get to experience the good with the bad of their chosen mode of transport. You feel it, smell it You are very much there. By necessity our adventurers travel on the cheap — which is usually divided between free camping and the kindness of others. And that means the occasional itinerant job, or resourceful purchasing in one area to sell at higher prices in another to cover a few more days of petrol, food and repairs.

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The book also introduces you to the many personalities and characters they meet on the road. Many of us feel that it is the people, not so much the scenery, that make it all worthwhile.

And certainly travel of this type is very much dependent upon these new and old friendships.