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Inclusion needs to focus on individuals abilities and not limitations. By accepting differences, individuals start to flourish and the company will benefit from fresh ideas, new skillsets, engagement levels and also see an increase in overall productivity.

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Companies know the importance of employee incentives and perks. Company nights out and beer trolleys are now very common but as an employer, you should ensure you are creating an inclusive culture. In a multi-cultural, multi-generational working landscape, not all your employee will appreciate the same perks. Surveying employees to find out how you can help to improve their work-life balance would be far more beneficial than standard incentive programmes. Fueling the team is vital, brainstorm a wide variety of ways you can motivate teams from a free morning croissant to cinema screenings.

The first step to a happy, healthy work culture is ensuring employees are aware of your commitment to well-being. Introducing mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence skill building, meditation sessions to encourage exercise and healthy lifestyle suggestions are all ways to raise awareness. You could also send regular emails to staff discussing mental health and encourage workplace engagement and make sure every employee is aware of your mental health policies and guidelines. It has never been more important to embrace mental health and employee well-being.

Businesses are improving, workplace design is evolving. But there is still plenty of room for improvement to understand and facilitate a healthier, happier workplace. Cogs are proud advocates of employee well-being and mental health. We have plans to roll in new well-being initiatives in If you want to join a business with a supportive and inclusive culture, get in touch. With 5 global offices taking on different languages and nationalities was a natural progression. We are incredibly proud that our culture and brand which has only strengthened with our expanding and diverse teams. Cogs are a people-centric business.

June represents Diversity month for Cogs. As a global business, we want to shine a light on the diverse nationalities and languages of our teams. We are a growing team of 60 individuals, featuring 13 nationalities and speaking an incredible 16 languages. Join Login.

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  6. Principal Consultant London annual view job. Senior Consultant - Berlin Berlin annual view job. Find out more. Our Values. Managing a Diverse Workforce. Cogs explore seven small changes that can be made in the workplace to ensure your business culture promotes employee well-being: 1.

    Proactive Management A negative work culture can cause poor mental health of employees.

    Chapter 5 Managing Diversity

    Champions and Mentors A strong leadership team is important to promote the well being of employees. Be Inclusive Diversity can bring enormous benefits to an organisation. Differences should be celebrated. Fuel the Team Companies know the importance of employee incentives and perks.

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