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Kaur, 27, and her father, Mr. Singh, 33, in a joint statement released through the US Sikh Coalition that did not give their first names. The girl, identified as Gurupreet Kaur, died in a remote desert area in the west of Lukeville, Arizona, a US border town 50 miles 80 km southwest of Tucson, after her mother left her with other Indian migrants she was travelling with to go in search of water, a medical examiner and US Border Patrol said.


The girl's death earlier this month, the second recorded fatality of a migrant child this year in Arizona's southern deserts, highlighted the danger of summer heat as a surge of migrant families, mainly from Central America, cross the US-Mexico border to seek asylum. Gurupreet's father has been in the United States since with a pending asylum application before the New York immigration court.

Singh and Kaur, both Sikhs, had not seen each other since , approximately six months after Gurupreet was born, according to the statement. According to media reports, the parents are from Punjab. An increasing number of Indian nationals are entering the United States from Mexico, according to immigration officials.

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Indian asylum seekers range from Sikhs claiming political persecution to lower caste "untouchables" facing death threats for marrying outside their class, according to immigration lawyers. They are among thousands of African and Asian migrants also making the arduous journey, led by smuggling cartels. Gurupreet's mother was released from an Arizona ICE processing facility on June 18 and allowed to travel by bus to New York City, where she has a notice to appear before an immigration court.

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Up to May 30, the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner, which records migrant deaths in much of Arizona's southern deserts, counted 58 such fatalities, most due to heat. It really is as interesting and embarrassing as it sounds. Nevertheless, it pays well, and in many senses this is the whole point. It is impossible to ignore the uncomfortable racial and post-colonial undertones at play in my situation.

For whatever reason, affluent Indians seem to place a premium on pale skin, and anyone rich enough to pay for ethnically white people to work as living furniture at their weddings is seen as kind of a big deal. Back in the days of empire, no colonial Indophile worth their salt would have been without their harem of Indian entertainers.

From snake charmers to sitar players, imperialists loved to surround themselves with what, to them, seemed exotic. Today, the roles have been reversed—an irony I mulled over as I stood there, laden with drinks. From start to finish, the whole experience was insane. I received a call from a fierce-sounding Eastern European woman whose job it is to approve your pictures and measurements, then arrange a time and place to meet. In my case, this was a station right at the outskirts of the city. I got there at five and then By six, a few more girls had showed up—predominantly sad Russians speaking nothing but sad Russian.

By seven, one of the guys who'd scouted me in central Mumbai had arrived, carrying three crappy phones, two of which he was speaking into simultaneously. His name was Pinky. He'd just got WhatsApp, he told me.

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And could he add me on it? The next thing I knew, the ten of us were being bundled into a white Toyota Innova with "TOURIST" printed on the side—like we weren't conspicuous enough already—and driven off to god knows where. Like, seriously. I had no idea where we were going.

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I thought I was doing a two- to three-hour job on the outskirts of Delhi but eventually turned up seven hours and miles later in Ludhiana, Punjab. Upon arrival I hung around in the Green Room for an indeterminable length of time while "The Client" whose identity is very rarely revealed decided which of us were lucky enough to be allowed to work. While this process was going on, we were showered with the attentions of some Punjabi rappers. Most of the girls I met were either interning or studying in Delhi and doing the odd job to make ends meet.

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One of them told me she "couldn't believe" where she'd ended up: "This is where three years working my ass off at Oxford got me—dressed in a turban, miming playing the violin, while saxophone music blares in the background. Some of the girls—from my experience, mainly Russians—work full-time on contracts.

However, these girls are pretty much unable to refuse work, no matter where or what it is or how long it lasts. Most of them didn't seem to have any complaints but it just seemed kind of weird and fucked up to me.