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Again there are two women, but in this version nothing at all seems to happen, in the most beautifully modulated way. Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin For the young girl in all of us.

Onegin rejects Tatiana, then falls in love with her when it is too late. An incredibly graceful tale about the elusiveness of love.

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Napoleon escapes St Helena, leaving a proxy to die in his place. When he returns to France, he finds that his great moment has passed.

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Jean Rhys is a terrifying writer and here she is on familiar ground as she charts the nervy, banal disaster that is a woman on her way down. The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon This was the most exciting book of my adolescence: all the big questions packed into a small, highly ironic space.

It was the first and neatest treatment of a very modern theme - too much information and the paranoia it provokes. A Kid for Two Farthings by Wolf Mankovitz One of my favourite books as a child, this tale needs an adult reading to get the full poignancy. It tells the story of a boy in London's east end who buys a crippled goat that he thinks is a baby unicorn.

Topics Books Top 10s. But for those that are not frightened off by the price for what is a relatively slim volume , this book on cumin has no competitors.

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Unfortunately, although this slim volume has its merits it does not fully live up to its title. At the same time, the constraints of packaging so much in one slim volume inhibit authors from addressing more complex issues.

The slim volume , some pages of text followed by 36 pages of endnotes, has a bibliography and a general index. With so much information packed into a relatively slim volume , the paper used is rather flimsy and the stout hard covers are essential for stability.

For a relatively slim volume , the book contains a tremendous amount of information, including dozens of maps and example sentences, many taken from dialect literature. It is a slim volume , so each of us is likely to feel that some important element of this large debate has been neglected. To properly introduce the reader to this slim volume , one should dwell briefly on the pedigree of the author.

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Unsurprisingly, this slim volume is no theoryheavy treatise, but a light, entertaining, and practical guide to the rough and tumble of writing and directing. Silberstein's slim volume is the more accessible of the two, suitable for undergraduate students and nonspecialists. Kupferschmidt's slim volume provides a first glimpse of how the cosmopolitan world of business looked when viewed from the vantage point of a foreign-born businessman.

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