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If you, like me, loved absolutely every single thing about the Shiver trilogy, my best guess is that you will revere Sinner. Stiefvater can deliver. To me, the werewolf in Sinner is more an allegory than a creature to be feared or envied. There is love and laughter, heart-ache and tears, mistakes, self-realizations and forgiveness.

Lessons generally learned much later in life become imperative in the formation and revelation of the true self as both Cole and Isabel; separately, yet simultaneously, become a bit more open and a little less jaded. Not embracing, but almost acknowledging that options aside from black or white, wrong or right, indeed exist. As always, within a Stiefvater saga, there are serendipitous seeds of wisdom that, when nurtured, bloom with breath-taking splendor.

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The brief glimpse of family on the beach is beautifully brilliant, encapsulating both a smiley and a teary moment this author is a sneaky, clever, creator. The insightful inclusion of this quiet, soft-spoken man adds depth and a certain melancholy, elevating the book to a new level.

Sofia, because every darkness deserves a ray of light; and every home, a little hope. I closed Forever four years ago with mixed emotions and a heavy heart. I had fallen for these characters, accepted the finality; but longed for just a little bit more Cole and Isabel. The two characters are so vibrant; filled with energy, anger, frustration, confusion, yet appearing confident and collected. They required their very own story and Sinner is it, spot on. This review was written for Buried Under Books Blog. Sep 12, Exina rated it it was ok Shelves: long-longed-love-long-time-crush , lack-of-communication , music , shapeshifters-werewolves , coming-of-age , dual-pov , m-f , emotional , annoying , new-adult.

July 28, Oh, God, it was exhausting! If I get over the urge to kill myself, maybe I'll write a review. July 31, So now that I managed to pull myself together, I have to say this book was a huge disappointment.

He is still captivating: he has humor, improvement, can see the people and things around him. He is very sensitive to everything, and could morph everything into something phenomenal — even bad phenomenal, but still p review. July July 28, Oh, God, it was exhausting! He is very sensitive to everything, and could morph everything into something phenomenal — even bad phenomenal, but still phenomenal. He is able to build something valuable even from shit. Isabel is poisonous. She squeezes all the happiness and joy out of everyone around her.

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She is always angry, always rude, bored and bitter. God, I hated them all. Both Isabel and Cole think in extremes.

The Sinner caters to the insatiable appetite teenage girls have for the sordid and sick

Isabel is immature, aggressive and hysterical, Cole is pseudo-suicidal. Cole has a purpose: it is Isabel. He subordinates everything to this aim. His every thought is about Isabel. And Isabel, being absolutely self-obsessed, is blind to it. The story. The reality show left me uninterested. The paranormal aspect of the story is inconsistent, makes no sense, and reduced to almost zero. No development, no communication, no magic moments.

The happy ending is unexpected and unestablished. Secondary characters. The only truly respectable and likeable person in this story is Leon, the Cadillac driver. Oh, and Jeremy! And Sofia.

Drowning Pool - Sinner (Full Album). P.s. R.I.P. Dave \m/.

Baby, and the others are only papier mache figures. Sinner is sickeningly sad and depressive. So much fake angst, but no real drama. So read it at your own risk. Two stars because Cole has some affectionate moments, and because of Leon, Jeremy and Sofia. View all 41 comments.

Oct 07, Aiman rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , y-a-rom , fangirl-worthy-boy , werewolves , alternating-pov , teen , young-adult. Anyway, let me get back to Sinner , the marvelously marvellous book written by none other than one of my favourite authors, Maggie Stiefvater!

The Sinner season 3's first trailer offers bad news for fans

The book surpassed my higher-than-Mt-Everest expectations and left me with that utterly satisfying feeling you get when you wake up and realise that you still have more time to sleep. Sinner was hilarious, sarcastic and genuine; an all-rounder book that had me grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Clair is an indescribably brilliant character and it was mesmerizing to read from his perspective. His snark, humour, sarcasm and charm were dizzying and I have begun to memorize his countless one-liners and retorts that would leave you grasping for a comeback, or more likely, scratching your head.

And all I have to say is- Cole St Clair And that's not all; no sir, there is still Isabel to gush over. Isabel's cynicism, scorn and temperament were magnetizing in their own way, and I found myself constantly smirking at her snide, witty remarks.

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The side characters were very amusing and the writing style flawless. Can't wait. Oh, wait- did I mention that Cole was going to be awesome? Well, let me say it again. And ready for this book. So am I Taylor. So am I. Let the countdown begin Shelves: girls-reading-together , fangirling-like-crazy , tanja-zemira-miss-glass-book-club. Tanja: You of all people know how much I love Maggie's writing and how I drive people crazy with it. So I can't help but wonder where did it go. I couldn't find it here, which makes me rather sad. Glass: I was always raving about how amazing this woman writes, but I have to agree with you and say that I am rather disappointed with Cole's story.

I expected epic conclusion, but left hanging dry. What happened? Tanja: I have no idea where all the magic disappeared. But to organize our thoughts better I propose we list pros and cons here.

The Sinner caters to the insatiable appetite teenage girls have for the sordid and sick

So would you like to start? Glass: Perfect! Let's see What we liked: Glass: I was so happy with how Maggie Stiefvater managed to avoid all stereotypes of genre and gave us a story which is this amazing crossover between young adult and new adult. I didn't expect anything else from a woman who wrote Scorpio Races. Tanja: I totally agree with that. Sinner is set in LA which put both characters away from everything that happened before. You can read this story on its own, but at the same time I suggest you read the first series.

Glass: That is true, most of the companion novels are about same events but usually told from a point of view of a supporting character.

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Speaking about characters, that is one more plus - both Cole and Isabel are different than in previous novels. At moments I even wondered if I had missed something important between Forever and Sinner. Tanja: I felt the same. My favorite thing or better said moment in this story was when Cole came to pick Isabel up after that party. I could feel bits of old Cole and Isabel then. But even though they did behave like before it was brought to the limit where I didn't enjoy it.