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I'm really jealous of bag makers because they get to make just one thing.

Blogger style: Rachel Toal wears Calla shoes

And it kind of has to fit the body, but not really. Figuring out how to make shoes was tricky. I was discouraged from taking classes. I was pretty broke and all the classes I found were really expensive, machine-heavy, and long. So with a little help from people I know, I just figured it out. Asking a thousand questions and getting a hundred helpful answers. I met a clog maker at a festival in England and watched him work. My work is really simple. Manufacturing in the U. I actually have to source through cobbler suppliers instead. Cobblers fix shoes, they don't make shoes, but I'm basically making shoes from cobbler supplies.

I love designing and making prototypes, but ultimately what I really love is teaching other people because it's so fun and liberating to learn how to make something as complicated as a sandal. When I started, no one was teaching sandals, specifically, on the West Coast. Now there are more people doing it.

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The internet in the last few years is helping me find that there's really similar projects going on all over. I just found a really cool shoemaking school in Wellington, New Zealand that looks amazing. There's definitely a mini zeitgeist of people trying to understand shoes on their own terms and share it. People take a one-day class with me and make a whole pair. I wish it could be a little lighter, but you need the full seven hours to make a whole pair.

I supply a lot of patterns that can be modified, but I let my students design anything they want. But sandals are a thing that are always going in and out of style, and right now, men are very shy about showing their feet, I think. I really want to make a book telling people how to make their own sandals. There hasn't been one since the 70s. I'm just starting on the idea, and on figuring out whether I print it myself or work with someone else on it. I feel like once I do that, I could kind of let sandals go, 'cause I've been doing it for a while.

I just want the craft to exist and thrive, but I really want to go back to making art. I still love making pictures.

Shoe Designers at Paris Fashion Week Can’t Stop Talking About Rachel Green

I think I'll always need to find balance between practical things and impractical things. I travel a lot in the spring and the summer, when people really want to make sandals. Sometimes I fly with everything, which means flying with anvils. It's hard to get my bag under weight. I prefer to do all my own organizing through my website and just show up at a place with all my tools.

I like teaching at friends' stores or oddball places, and going to the towns I love the most. I just kind of pick and choose. My family lives in Santa Barbara. They've been there for 18 years or so, so that's now sort of my home. They have a really great property with avocado trees. Pretty heavenly. I'm just kinda spread across the West Coast. I found it easier to leave than stay and complain Everyone only wanted to talk about Google buses and rent.

I got priced out of San Francisco.

I moved to Bolinas for a short time, but when that relationship ended, I couldn't afford to move back. I moved up to Portland because I was dating someone up here, and it just seemed generally more hospitable. You could park your car without agonizing. You could have a yard, and you could have a pet, and you could have an extra space to make art.

To me, these were huge bonuses. I was so happy to move up here. I have a tendency to want to move every six years or so, just to keep things new. I never want to have that energy that people get when they're bummed out about the changes occurring around them. I resented that living in San Francisco. How a boot feels!

Now I would like for the rest of my life to wander around in the wonderful world of shoemaking and make wonderful boots. Boots or shoes Boots have my special attention. I see them as objects with lots of space to play with colors and shapes. Their size will let them take possession of the one who wears them, which fascinates me. Certainly when making thighboots is this the case.

Shown as an object boots become strange things with a life of their own.

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I make shoes as well, but like a magnet I am drawn to boots. Designing and making boots is like having a party. My boots can rock!. I like to let my imagination run free. I don't care whether my designs are wearable or not, and whether they ensure enough comfort or not. A boot or shoe is like the human body, complete with skeleton, brain, heart and lungs. There are materials and components hidden inside, of which the innocent pedestrian has no kwowledge.

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Without these components a boot will not come to life. However, most of my boots are made for walking.

But some boots are only wearable. Each pair gives a different sensation. Wearing wonderboots you may feel like a balletdancer, soulsinger, majorette, mistress, skater, line dancer, drag queen, elf or superhero. The way these boots make you feel will determine the way you walk on them. And whether this is comfortable or not, that's for you to decide.