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Despite widespread interest, the interpretation of German philosophical texts was universally acknowledged to be a challenge. Several Scottish-influenced observers thus looked to the leading French historian of philosophy Victor Cousin for preliminary evaluations of German philosophy. Cousin was a charismatic orator and for many years virtually a philosophical dictator in France.

He was important, though not alone, in introducing German philosophy to a French-speaking audience. For this reason, his limitations as a historian are of importance. Cousin dismisses the constructive empiricism of Condillac, [10] whose principles he identifies with the philosophes whose views led to the French revolution.

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However, as late as , a French guest of newly appointed Professor of Logic John Veitch related the surprising neglect of Reid in Glasgow to the influence of French philosophical ideas mediated by Mylne. However, unable to relate them to his own satisfaction to the Scottish and English thought he knew, he turned to eclecticism.

He continues:. Contemporaries spoke too of his influence on public opinion, comparing his oratory to that of Thomas Chalmers, particularly when he spoke on their shared theme of astronomy.

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He wrote, for example:. Nichol similarly criticises mathematics as an educational exercise, owing to the fixity of its first principles, and moral theory in abstraction from factual investigation. Nichol knew sufficient German to read the contemporary German astronomical journals [19] and he had an interest in Kant and Herder whom he read in translation.

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Nichol endorsed the educational views of Willm, whose book on The Education of the People he translated in with a long introduction. Willm was amongst the first to introduce Hegel to a French audience in his Essai sur la Philosophie de Hegel Nichol was a noted astronomer following publication of his The Architecture of the Heavens , which ran through seven editions by He wrote:. In approaching the work of the Glasgow idealists, we find the same distinctive agenda of religious rationalism and social reformism as in Mylne.

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    Mylne’s Theological Legacy in Glasgow and Idealism

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