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They were caught in an attempted extortion scheme involving the Milwaukee vending machine business. They both ended up doing five years after blaming their misdeeds on their mobster father and his association with organized crime. Frank Balistrieri died back in and his son Joseph in John Balistrieri has been fighting since his release to regain his law license but was once again turned down by the Wisconsin Supreme court. They noted answers given back during a deposition by John which they described as flippant and said he was not accepting responsibility for his previous crimes.

He is now willing to admit there was a conviction but still maintains that he did nothing wrong according to court documents. The Milwaukee mafia today is all but extinct since the death of its long time boss Frank back in The Milwaukee mob family was always considered to be a branch of the Chicago Outfit and it is believed that once Frank passed The Outfit moved back in and controls what is left of the local rackets. John Balistrieri was believed to have held rank of consigliere for the Milwaukee mob and may still but those claims are unsubstantiated and he maintains he has no ties to the mafia.

Hello everyone. I've recently discovered the Milwaukee Mob dialogue from December 02, in searching the internet. It had a chart of current members according to the person who posted the information. I saw the same chart on another site called The Street Gangs Forum.

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Unfortunately, some of the guys mentioned were never in the mob and a few don't even exist. Especially a person named Ricco "The Killer" Bono. I grew up in the Brady St. Although I've never been involved with organized crime and do not admire the mob I'm very aware of who was mobbed up in my city.

I no longer live in Wisconsin but keep in contact with some of the old crowd.

Some were never in the mob either but a lot of my old friends were. There's eleven "made men" living, but only seven of these guys are still active. I've just made this chart on the current Milwaukee La Cosa Nostra members still living. Believe it or not, they had between members in total.

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If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you. Boss Joseph "Joe Camel" Caminiti - became boss when Peter Balistrieri died in - former secretary-treasurer of local Teamster's Union - kept a very low profile for many years - brother-in-law of the late Frank Balistrieri and Angelo Alioto - born abt. Mayfair Rd. It's either blue cheese with wings or go fuck yer mudda!

Thanks for the reply.

List of Italian-American mobsters

This is great,thanks for this, and welcome to the board! There's still Italian American criminals in Wisconsin? Hey Old Dom great chart bro.

Originally Posted By: Scalish. It was me I was asking about some Edwardo Angelucci I have seen on some of these phony charts I guess. Thanks for the info and if you have more charts on other families real ones i would love to see them. Again thanks bro. I went to school with some of their kids and have been in many of the restaraunts, and drank in many of the local bars.

So this is all pretty interesting to me, I moved to the area in the early 's, I picked up a book on the history of Brady Street a few years ago but doesn't include Mafia History. So I been researching this a few years now, and I saw one major edit I would include in your chart. Joseph P. So does that mean there's no boss or next in line is boss?

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So that would be Pitch? Also Old Dom, do you know if any Cataldo's were connected? Thanks Fellow Brady Street'er. Originally Posted By: BradyStreet. Originally Posted By: stern As far as there still being a family left in Milwaukee, I really doubt it. Mods should mind their own business and leave poster's profile signatures alone.

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George Busateri is a popular jazz musician, never was in the mob and can't hurt a bug. That was the year drug dealer Enrique Ricky Perez was murdered and dumped in a field.

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The law suspect it was the family that did it, but never had any proof. Let's not forget the family feud between Joseph Balistrieri and his sister in the early 90's. Harris, built like a nose tackle and wearing thick reading glasses, described from the witness stand a meeting between Fort and convicted Milwaukee mob chieftain Frank Balistrieri. In the back room of a smoky bar, Balistrieri leaned over the table and calmly suggested to Fort that if the Rukn organization was in need of cash, it should consider selling heroin, Harris said. If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spend the night with a mosquito.

Interesting info, Black Family! Although I really don't think he was of any match to Frank Bal and his men. Looks like Milwaukee only has members still active since Caminiti died. Old Dom -- great chart, probably the most accurate in existence today.

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I would add that Joseph Frank Enea is also deceased, actually as far back as I believe Russell Enea is still alive, but probably not criminally active since Sally Papia's passing. The problem with Joseph Caminiti is that there were three father, son, grandson. The father was active in Chicago, the son was the secretary-treasury of the Teamsters and died in The grandson was born in , and probably wasn't criminally active. There was confusion not just with the name, but both the son and grandson lived in Menomonee Falls.

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  • Gavin, so it was his son that died this year. Thanks for telling us about the right Caminiti. I had it wrong, too. Even the American Mafia site has it wrong.