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People do have eyes.

The Darkness Test

They do see. Most things are obvious, aren't they? Most things are obvious but people do not want to look at the obvious. They prefer to hide the obvious. The problem is that "men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil" John KJV. You have faults. You sin. You do things you are embarrassed of. And so what do you do? You don't want others to see your faults. You cover your fault with your hand, run into the house, pull the shades, shut off the lights, and hide in the dark closet.

No one, not even you, can see your faults in the dark. Your self-image is safe in the dark, but there is a lot you do not see in the dark. You don't see the truth about God.


You don't see the truth about others. You don't see the truth about yourself. You don't see the truth in the Bible. That does not stop you from living life and acting like you can see. You look around and even walk around feeling the air with your hands. You come up with a picture in your head of the layout of the dark room and the dark world outside of it. You are convinced that you can now see everything. When you stumble and do things you never would do in the light, you make excuses, criticize others, act happy, brag, rearrange the facts, ignore important things, and obsess about unimportant things.

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These are sure signs that you, who think you see, really are in the dark. The Bible gives a simple test for determining if you are in the dark 1 John Do you hate someone? If you do, you are in darkness. You are keeping certain facts, facts like, that person's strengths, your faults, the fact that God loves that person, and the fact that God said you should love him, in the dark. You hide all of this and say that you and God are close, but you are not because you are hiding His truths.

Darkness is actually the default environment that we live in. It is nighttime Romans , We live in a world where we cannot see the spiritual world. God is on His throne calling the shots.

Jesus stands knocking at our door. The Holy Spirit informs us of things we need to know by putting thoughts in our head. Angels are helping. Demons are hindering. Satan is trying to ruin us.

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It is real. It is constantly going on all around us, but we don't see any of it. Log in with itch.

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