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In these days of global markets, individuals and companies may be buying stocks, bonds or derivatives from a seller who is halfway across the world. Banks with accounts in the clearinghouse use a debit and credit system and, at the end of the day, the accounts minus handling fees, of course are totaled up.

The money involved is massive. The only convictions to follow this controversy were convictions of Backes and others for libel.

"Les choses humaines".un roman magistral signé Karine Tuil

The last one focuses on another aspect of the Clearstream scandal, which implicates several high-ranking French government officials. That HSS publishers must follow the developments of digital technology in the humanities is indisputable. Will they eventually enjoy the rapid changes of digital reality? An event organized by PUF and geared toward translators working in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Over forty translators working to and from languages as diverse as German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian attended the gathering, held in Paris.

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Translators were able to discuss amongst themselves, sharing experiences and trajectories. It emerged that there is no one formula for becoming a translator, except interest and, often, academic training in the field the translator is working in. A new collaborative platform dedicated to translation, TLHub, was also presented at the gathering, informing the translators present about what technology can do for their profession. In short, the event was a way of formalizing a dialogue about translation that has been growing in scope over the past few years, and seems bound to continue.

The day was organized in four round tables, notably one devoted to the different problems related to translation but also the various subsidies available for translations, the contribution translators make to diffusing research and introducing authors of major texts to the public, and finally, the multiple possibilities translation projects offer authors writing prefaces, adding chapters, updating bibliographies, corrections.

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The Foreign Rights Department promotes books published by Presses Universitaires de France to approximately foreign publishers. To do this, they regularly diffuse information on new titles, attend international book fairs and organise study trips. This department is highly attentive to the legality of the process of publishing foreign editions and assures the liaison between authors and foreign publishers.

Surveillance de leaders syndicaux

Sandrine Paccher, rights director. Barbara EDUN, foreign rights.

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L'autorité judiciaire en France, ses dérives ses abus (Pour mon Fils Eddie)

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