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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. It was supposed to be just another mission for Mike and Kye: scout for signs of the extraterrestrials that had infested Earth's jungles. But when the aliens get their slimy tentacles on Kye, Mike knows he can't leave his man behind.

These slimey creatures are bent on extracting human genetic information by any means necessary! This word erotic story contains gay sex, tentacle sex, alien bondage and a soldier who'll do whatever it takes to save the man he loves! Mackenzie "Kenzie" Golightly is a married systems designer with a penchant for writing titillating, descriptive erotica.

When not writing, Kenzie can generally be found visiting zoos and enjoying time in nature, especially by the ocean. See All Customer Reviews. I also have free samples up for all my books! Check out my ebook store above for more info about this really hot scifi story. Synopsis: Luke, a human male, is abducted by aliens and forced to be a pet and breeding slave to the gay alien that bought him.

Synopsis: A daddy has his ABDL boy dress up in a skimpy, girly Halloween costume and service the men at their local bar. The men are allowed to do whatever they wish to Baby Reggie. Still waiting on Amazon. So I need another idea for a Halloween themed story. Leave me comments on this post or email me if you have any good ideas for what I should write next for the Halloween October Sale. If I choose your idea, or if it has any influence on a story I write this month you get a prize. There is no judgment here.

Do you think the fact that there's more interest in mpreg is lessening or increasing stigma associated with the mpreg community? It's increasing it, no doubt, but not dramatically. It's a give and take situation. There's a positive correlation between the increasing stigma and our increasing members.

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The more people learn about us, the more the stigma increases—people who are like "WTF? One of the reasons mpreg seems to be getting so much attention outside of DashCon is the fact that more and more fiction is being written about celebrities, especially One Direction. How do you feel about this?

Can You Get Pregnant From Anal?

Do many members of the community subscribe to a particular fandom or are there some fiction purists who insist on creating their own characters? Is there a rule about this? There is no rule about it on our forums. Members can write or draw whatever fandoms they like, although I'd say original fiction is our most common genre.

We take pride in the originality of our users who come up with awesome worlds and scenarios featuring characters they pull out of their heads. Sometimes you'll see fandom themes pop up in the gallery or archive, but for the most part, the creative minds behind Mpreg Central are homegrown producers of originality, baby! When did you become interested in mpreg and what drew you to it?

It's hard to credit what drew me to it. I suppose that mpreg started for me very young, perhaps eight or nine, when I had fascination for stomachs and bellybuttons.

What Exactly Is Mpreg? A Male Pregnancy Enthusiast Explains

I can't explain it—I loved the aesthetics of the abdomen. It was soon thereafter that I was drawn to the mystery of pregnancy. Tiny humans inside of a person? As a child, that was such a cool and strange concept. There was an episode of Ren and Stimpy where one of them disappears into their bellybutton. It was ridiculous, but somehow it struck an interest. Do you discuss mpreg with others in your life outside of the community, or is it private? I've only discussed mpreg with one friend I met online who happened to live close to me.

He understood the appeal but it wasn't his thing. I won't tell anyone in my immediate circle of friends. It's my thing, my niche, and I'm cool with that.

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I don't feel the need to share it with anyone else. That's what Mpreg Central is for—so that I can share this bond with people whom I know are comfortable with the concept. What are the demographics like? Are more males or females active in the community?

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I can't say with certainty what Mpreg Central's demographics are like. I don't have the tools available to me to check into it. From the forums, however, I can say that there's a fair share of active men and women interested in the culture. Most of my team that helps me run the website are women. It seems that the mpreg community engages with each other mostly online.

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How common is it for people to meet and discuss their interest in the real world? To be honest, I'm not sure.

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I think a few of our members have met up in real life, but I'm not privy to all of that. I think it would be awesome if more members decided to band together outside of the website. Do you think it would be preferable for people to be more open about the subculture and their interest in it outside of the community?

That's up to the individual. I'm not open about it for my own reasons, but maybe other community members are. That's great for them that they feel comfortable enough to share their interest in mpreg with others. In a perfect world, male pregnancy would be possible and it would be a thing of normalcy that men and women would be able to share anecdotes about. But for now, the stigma is real—as with anything that ventures beyond what society deems "normal. On the FAQ page of your site, you mention that mpreg is not explicitly sexual and that some don't view it as a fetish but as a subculture.

How do you see this play out, especially considering that much of the fiction one finds on mpreg is both sexual and explicit? There is certainly a divide there. For me, my interest in mpreg lies in both the subculture and fetish aspects. But Mpregry to be everything for everyone. We even have a section for those of us who are interested in female pregnancy as well.

This answer may differ between mpreg-lovers, but for me, the biggest misconception is that mpreg is "disturbing. Women get to have a life experience that men do not: they can carry a child within them that they will eventually birth. They get to bond with their unborn child and form attachments far earlier than men do with their children. Jealousy is not the emotion here; it's envy.

Pregnancy is pure magic to me, and I envy women who get the chance to bond so intimately with their unborn children while men like me are sidelined. There's an interesting juxtaposition here.