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Having to call your father to come pick you up at the prom was bad enough, but coming home to find her house toilet papered by Sheena Cassidy David's ex-girlfriend who was a wee bit jealous. But, her friend from her writers group, Leigh Ann was going and Jennifer promised to go with her. Although, after receiving a note from Danny that he had to talk to her, she wanted to change her mind again. The reunion started out bad. Jennifer see's Danny, who's now married to the obnoxious Sheena and a lot of other people who she had hoped never to see again.

The only person missing was Jimmy Mitchell, who had disappeared on Prom Night, 12 years before. When Danny manages to get Jennifer alone. He's read the paper and is under the assumption she is some kind of detective. Her short lived career with Detective Johnny Z led him to this wrong-headed assumption. He only has time to ask for her help when he's called away by his friends and by the end of the night he's dead in his car, an apparant suicide. Did he commit suicide, Did Sheena finally give into her jealousy and kill him? What about Gavin Lawless, cousin of the missing Jimmy, who was now a songwriter.

He had sent a song to Danny, claiming he knew something about Jimmy's disappearance and it seems to contain a threat against Danny. Or Ben Underwood, Jimmy's best friend, who the police considered their number one suspect 12 years ago. Jennifer didn't really want to investigate this, but the police seemed to believe Danny actually committed suicide and she felt she had to do something to prove that her first love, had been murdered.

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Highlights: Jennifer and her writer's group going out in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the woods, looking for a body, armed to the teeth. Sam Culpepper, reporter and Jennifer's sort of boyfriend, once again remaining perfectly calm while surrounded by a bunch of crazy people.

Sheena re-enacting her crowning as Prom Queen and having first runner up Mary-Jo rip the crown from her head, claiming she was robbed since Sheena had been in charge of counting votes at their high school prom. Teague McAfee - reporter for the local trashy newspaper. Lowlight Once again Jennifer does some really stupid things, especially in her plan to catch the killer. She seems to have dropped some of the characters that had appeared in her earlier books, such as Emmie Walker and her mutant dog.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. At first I wasn't impressed with this book, I was about to stop reading it. But remembered how much I enjoyed the previous books. Didn't take much longer to become completely embroiled in it. Good plot and still cool characters.

Looking forward to the next book. When Leigh Ann bullies Jennifer Marsh into going to her high school reunion, she knows that she is not going to have fun. Even she didn't have a clue how bad it was going to be. Her prom date from 12 years ago is murdered, bringing up the mystery of a boy who disappeared the night of that prom. Every complication you can think up appears making this mystery alot of fun. Jennifer Marsh remains unpublished in Macon. The murder takes place at a high school reunion. The explorations of rivalries and romances and status-seeking 12 years after graduation adds a rich dimension to the characters and plausibility to their motivation.

This time she does not use the book-about-a writer-writing-a book gag as much, but Judy Fitzwater interviews Jennifer Marsh at the end. The set-up is that of classic film noir: a wealthy husband, a conniving wife and a criminal lover willing to do her spouse in.

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He counters the jumpy suspense of the situation with percussive cuts and a celebrated, sensual jazz score by Miles Davis. This realistic depiction of German Democratic Republic-era spy tactics on civilians and the trauma it caused is a poignant character study as well as a thriller. Taken with the dismal settings of East Germany and its grey-green colour palette, this is a thriller of unusual historical specificity.

An inaction thriller , set entirely on the drive from Birmingham to London. Ivan Locke Tom Hardy has bunked off a job laying foundations to attend the birth of his baby, conceived during an extramarital affair. Absolutely riveting. As The Avenger slaughters blonde women in foggy London, a landlady suspects that her genteel tenant, Ivor Novello , has a dark and terrible secret.

That she is embroiled in a plot to murder him adds a level of double-crossing intrigue to an already powerful emotional thriller. Peter Lorre gives an unforgettable, humane performance as a child killer stalking Berlin. His crimes are presented elliptically, but Lang lingers on the hysteria surrounding them, and the epic police manhunt.

For a film with themes drilled into its times, The Manchurian Candidate flopped surprisingly hard on release.

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Frank Sinatra plays Captain Bennett Marco, on the trail of a platoon-mate, who, when triggered by the queen of diamonds playing card, becomes a mindless killing machine. The idea was insidious. Mind control has commandeered the plots of everything from the Bourne franchise to Zoolander since. With no ability to create short-term memories, he tries to outfox his broken recall in order to find her killer. Their incompetence and brutality supplies black comedy, which mutates into an indictment of s South Korean nationalism, then fades finally into a mute fatalism that scars each protagonist.

Ray Milland steps out of an asylum and into a whole heap of trouble in this delirious espionage thriller.

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In the topsy-turvy setting of London during the Blitz completely imagined on Hollywood soundstages , cakes conceal microfilm, suitcases conceal bombs, and doorframes and windows constrain the characters in a dread world where nothing is as it seems. One of them made the end of the road the end of the world. Harry Anthony Edwards falls for Julie Mare Winningham at an exhibition about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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Then, as suddenly as it might happen in real life, nuclear war breaks out. The bombs start falling. Another extinction begins. Harry and Julie try to outrun the inevitable. Combining searing social realism, melodrama and explosive set-pieces, this is a giddying snapshot of the poverty, crime, corruption and violence debilitating Mexican society. The most dangerous game is man, as heinous huntsman Count Zaroff discovers when he sets his sights upon island castaways Joel McCrea and Fay Wray.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom like a malignant, more damaged version of the obsessive cartoonist he portrayed in Zodiac Bloom is a thief, a morally questionable opportunist and a shrewd camera op with a nose for what the TV stations require to really excite — and scare — their viewers. Set in a remote region of western Spain, The Night of the Sunflowers adopts a Rashomon-like structure to unravel its story of a rape and the complicated aftermath from various perspectives.

On a crowded sleeper train to Hel the Baltic resort, not the hot place , two strangers — one of whom may be a murderer — are forced to share a compartment. Beaten, arrested and targeted by a low-flying crop-duster plane, he finds comfort only in the arms of Eva-Marie Saint , a characteristically cool Hitchcock blonde.

Robert Newton stars as Dr Clive Riordan, whose discovery that his wife is cheating on him pushes him to extreme action. Though tame by modern standards, excellent performances and a chilling atmosphere ensure this still packs a punch. The big scenes — the hammer fight, the octopus gobble — have become iconic. The rest is a horrific fable about violent trauma and its fallout. A rare blend of immersive action, intriguing deception and romantic tribulations combine in striking fashion as the eponymous baker tries to stay one step ahead of the Israeli security services.

Essential viewing for fans of pugnacious, politically charged cinema.

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Co-written by and starring Billy Bob Thornton , alongside Bill Paxton , this neatly packaged thriller from director Carl Franklin transplants western sensibilities into a modern American small town. Paxton is the ambitious young sheriff preparing to head off a gang of violent criminals on the run from the LAPD. Events unfold as a masterclass in slow-burning tension. After stops in Bloomsbury and Barcelona, the globe-trotting intrigue culminates in a devastating endgame in Andalusia.

Philippe bullies Tom, and in return Tom plots to kill him and steal his identity. James Stewart plays the convalescent with a broken leg who, in his boredom, takes to spying on his neighbours across the way. Before long he uncovers a murder — the ultimate gift for any curtain twitcher.

Dying for a Clue

In this peerless, female-led film noir , a California housewife Joan Bennett is forced to hide a dead body for her troubled teen daughter — and then defend her family from the blackmail threats of a sinister stranger James Mason. This impeccable heist movie, directed by American Jules Dassin on a tiny budget, is an enjoyably gritty French film noir in which four audacious criminals break into a high-end Paris jewellery store.

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This could easily have been another thick-eared Cannon Films actioner. But, drawing inspiration from a screenplay originally drafted by Akira Kurosawa , director Andrei Konchalovsky uses the locomotive hurtling through the frozen Alaskan wastes to intensify the battle of wits between escaped prisoners Jon Voight and Eric Roberts and sadistic warden John P. In only his second US-set thriller , Hitchcock took evident glee in bringing a sociopath into the heart of a sweet-as-pie family home. Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy McGuire excel, while Siodmak uses shadows, canted angles and thunder-cracks to send gothic chills through the deep-focus visuals.

Richard Burton played Alec Leamas, a British spy looking to devastate the East German intelligence services while pretending to defect. People are assets, running through a game-plan drawn up by anonymous men in high places. Under blue skies and beside a glistening lake, gay men meet for casual sex over a long, idle summer. Befriending Henri, Franck is meanwhile blindsided with desire for handsome Michel, but there are signs of trouble in paradise: talk of a killer on the loose, or something in the water.

As subtle in mood and character as it is sexually frank, Stranger by the Lake makes most Tinseltown erotic thrillers look prehistoric by comparison. In this taut, short and inventive early home-invasion thriller , Lois Weber masterfully juggles three planes of action. A woman played by Weber herself and her baby are trapped in a lonely house as a menacing tramp circles the property, brandishing a knife.

A thrill ride, a period piece and a showcase for the spirit of a city. Lady Vanishes-worthy intrigue ensues, amid a thrifty depiction of a nation on the verge of civil war. John Kennedy. Together they make the shock discovery that their university campus is the epicentre of a snuff-movie ring. Off he goes on the run, fleeing into a shabby, brutal world where the real killer moves on with his plan to rid London of undesirables.

Featuring a gruff James Caan as a veteran safecracker, Thief is a twisty, stylish affair. The film twists and turns, yo-yos from the top of a ferris wheel to the sewers below. Graham Greene wrote the screenplay and a golden rule of the genre: the thriller thrives in a moral hinterland.