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Bach - Mass in B minor (Proms 2012)

What is still acceptable, and what is really wrong? The story of the parts.

BWV232 Mass in B Minor (H moll)

This can present a problem, for many things, particularly relating to the performance, were only resolved by Bach in the performance parts. With Part I everything is more complicated. The score and parts therefore directly relate to each other. Now Bach was able to copy out Bach really badly without changing anything, and so the parts are not only heavily marked, but they also differ in numerous details including notes from the autograph score. But not enough: when Bach made the score into Part I of the Mass in B minor towards the end of his life, he again made alterations, and quite different ones, and in other places than in The two sources are so far distant from each other that they cannot simply be amalgamated together: if that were the case, the result would be a work which never existed in that form historically.

BACH, J.S.: Mass in B minor, BWV 232 (Suzuki)

Ignoring the parts entirely would not be a suitable solution either. And thus a performable version with all the necessary information has been created, but the two layers remain visibly separate and it is clear how much is, in fact, missing in the autograph score!

Of course, even this transparent mixture only functions with limitations, for everywhere where the two versions have developed separately, a combination is barely possible. This is achieved, however, by separating Part I from the autograph score and its revision. Every present-day solution is necessarily a compromise, and none can do full justice to the challenge of the Mass in B minor.

Bach Edition: Mass in B minor BWV 232 Part 2

Each is an attempt and should be acknowledged as such — but which nevertheless represents a positive attempt to rise above some older editions. A new edition of the Mass in D major op. Gold, silver, purple. What is truth?

Miroslav Srnka investigates a big question. The poet speaks. Tension between the individual and the collective. Funeral rites.

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Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini encounters Gustav Mahler. Symphony edited by Jonathan Del Mar. Sign in.

Mass in B minor - Wikipedia

All Soloist Parts. Bonus Download.

The Accompaniment Download has 2 recordings of the work. With assistance for vocalist.

BWV232 Mass in B Minor (H moll)

Without assistance for vocalists For the choir : a single voice part highlighted on piano over the orchestral accompaniment all four parts played together on piano, with the orchestral accompaniment orchestral accompaniment with assistance played on the organ For the soloists : accompaniment with the soloist parts played on wind instruments a different instrument for each voice are the duets, playing one of the two vocal parts only with the accompaniment. Useful for identifying a single part, or for hearing the other part while rehearsing orchestral accompaniment, with no assistance for voices Accompaniment : Orchestral accompaniment with all the choral vocal parts played on organ and the soloist vocal parts played on wind instruments A recording with the accompaniment just as the orchestra plays.

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There is no instrumental assistance for vocalists More Information : Additionally, some publishers, such as Novello append an alternative arrangement for "Et in unum Dominum" we have included both arrangements For Agnus Dei, the score includes solo violin to be played with the alto soloist, in some performances, the violin part is played on the flute.