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And he did get lost but sadly for us all, we never found him. Arthur is based on me to some small degree. But I have never cleaned a window in my life and as a result I have not fallen off a ladder and broken my leg. Calamity Pleb is lovely and she is based on guess who.

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And you can read about her, Amy, Arthur and a host of new characters in my other creations, at a later date. But before I do I want to inform you, the reader that these stories are written in what I call Amy Pleb speak and the punctuation, spelling and grammar may be completely off the wall. So please stick with it. The sky turns smoky grey, then blackens and becomes dark like charcoal. Thunder claps and lightning lights up the stormy sky. The house shakes in the storms wake. The windows buckle, eves rattle and the rafters creek. The doors bang so much that occupants think, the doors will fall from their hinges.

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The young boy of the house is terrified. Shaking in his slippers. He is six years old. And throughout the storm he quakes and shivers. He spends the whole storm long with his head under a blanket next to the kitchen fire. His eyes banged shut in his frightened little head. The boy is terrified out of his wits. His dog Lass pants in the kitchen corner.

She too is terrified by the raging storm, acting so violently over her head. Storms have been many this year and the little AP Arthur Paul as he is called by his family has been petrified throughout every one of them.

With his little heart racing and head pounding. Whilst he waits for the storm to bait. The lightning to stop and the thunder to subside.

The storm becomes so load and furious that it blows objects around the garden. It sends plant pots and trellises flying. Fork lighting strikes a nearby tree and it falls onto the house, knocking tiles from the roof, shattering the chimney pot and loosening its stone work. Suddenly the storm begins to decrease in its rage. The lightening stops and the wind dies down and the rain pours for a while then stops. The clouds disperse and birds begin to sing again. The lad throws the blanket from his head. But what the little AP does not know is that the fear he now feels, will be carried with him throughout his life and into adulthood.

The fear that haunts him will be passed on to his child and she will have that same fear. She was smart and pretty with shoulder length brown hair and a pale complexion. She was popular with her friends and peers and all the grownups in the neighbourhood loved her. Her father often referred to her as everybody's favourite child.

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And to him, Arthur Pleb she was the best daughter anybody could wish to have. Amy lived in a cute little three bedroom cottage which had gardens to three sides all boarded with beautiful coloured flowers, there was a big lawned area to the back which enjoyed all day sunshine. There was a big tree in the corner that Amy loved to sit under in the shade to read her favourite books. From sitting here she would look up to the cottage and see her mother Calamity at the window doing the washing up, her mother would wave and smile at her, these were special moments for Amy. Her mother was a lot stricter than her father but she knew that she adored her and their relationship was very strong.

Amy's cottage was set at the edge of the village she lived in called Cogan on the Fogan, the Fogan River to be exact. She had lots of friends that lived nearby and in the light summer evenings as the children played out together the sound of laughter would echo around the village. There were a couple of little shops in the village, a Post Office and a General Store as well as the local pub called the Tin Whistle, which was where Arthur would go to catch up with his friends or so he told Calamity. But the fact that he couldn't walk in a straight line on the way home made her think that he probably went to have a pint or two or six.

At the edge of the village square was the Primary school that Amy attended, it was a small and very old building but Amy found it to be a friendly place.

Amy Pleb and The Secret Tree

She enjoyed school especially the Art classes. Amy liked to draw or paint, she would do sketches, abstract or landscape. She found it relaxed her and she could let her imagination run wild. Amy's other love in life was her pet cat Tilly, she'd had her since she was a kitten and she would spend hours playing with her. She was very well adjusted and had a good healthy attitude towards life.

But there was one thing that stopped her from enjoying life to the full. This was to do with her fear of storms and bad weather. She had harboured these feelings for a long time, she couldn't remember exactly when this irrational fear began but she felt it must have come from the time when her father Arthur told her about the Big Storm of , he was only a small boy of six years old.

She can remember sitting on Arthur's knee and him telling her of how the storm had flared up one July night. The skies had darkened and the thunder and lightning began. Arthur had spent three hours hidden under a blanket shaking with fear as the thunder clanged and clattered around his head and the lightning seemed to light up every room in his house. It must have been this story that caused Amy to become fearful of storms, she couldn't think of any other explanation.

As Amy grew older she began to have dreams about storms sometimes even nightmares. Suddenly all the creatures of the forest gather in the clearing and begin to chant in their respective tongues and upon the Stroke of midnight the tree begins to glow. He is the Winter man. He has powers beyond belief.

But can Amy keep this secret? Here at Walmart.

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