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The fastest you breed him, the most time you get to do the maze, although I'd have liked it to be just like I have mentioned previously by phases, first the breeding phase and then the maze. I breed Shademonn, than the path is comimg 10 min later it's gone. Fox any info about this? Thank goodness I actually got Shademoon in the first hour with a little over 20 gems used to get it.

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The Maze for me hasn't been bugged but I feel bad for everyone who hasn't had good chances with this event. This must be reworked so that this event can at the very least be divided into phases or give more rewards if you do the breeding event even if you don't get the intended result such as extra maze coins every attempt you do. Is not working for me I had a lot of crashes in the game..

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SP should takes us serious from the moment we giving money to them Why can't I see it. Still don't know why, none of this make sence. As soon as you breed, the maze opens for you, until then you can't collect maze coins, obviously.


It's a new concept that we are trying so you don't have to wait until the breeding event finishes. Which doesn't make any sense as with your 'normal' breeding chances you never get lucky straight away and there is very little left of the event if you do get lucky sometime later during the event. Pointless, really!!! Go and try it somewhere else on people that can't give you money. It's a failure and we should all be compensated and not the usual five gems. Some players have a glitch, maybe the ones that have shademoon from race and hatched it, they see it but as soon as they are using it it throws them out, sure this is not nice but can be lived with.

So some see the maze but cant use it because they havent bred it and I suspect it are the ones that have him from race not sure though But as mentioned above the maze wont work. Im not going to try and hatch mine to proof it is. The only sure after this bug i won't give any money again in the game and i am very frustrated.

Hi panos-kidis , when the game crashes, always contact our Customer Support as most of the time we cannot help you in the Forum. Marianne-van-Es you seriously defend this event? What if a player could only finish the breeding like one hour before the event ends you know Shademoon takes 1 day 22 hours to breed? Personally I was lucky Shademoon on second breeding , but I'm the minority.

Yes, callumarachnoid.

Monsters in the Moonlight

It's explained in the pop-up NEWS. Please, contact our support in case you don't get the Moonlight token when you breed Shademoon as the token triggers the Maze to appear. Support should be able to help you. She is just stating the facts, no need to be harsh. But points noted, the NEWs haven't explained it very well and IF we repeat the event we will make sure it's clearly communicated. But what's the point after times passes and event is over.. I agree that the description is not exactly crystal clear and we will do something about it.

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We changed the behavior because this way it's much more fluid, you breed, you get the token which opens immediately the maze. It's more intuitive. The Skinwalkers werewolves in particular, are avid moonlight stalkers, searching for darkness in the dark. Fight Evil by Moonlight is a pledge.

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It is promise made by werewolves, sailors, and even magical girls… by the light of the moon. This is an Uncommon patch. You can order yours here!

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  • Fight Evil By Moonlight Patch. Fact Fight Evil by Moonlight is a pledge. Symbology Purple is the color of Royalty. Rarity This is an Uncommon patch. Jhenn 2 months, 1 week ago. Melissa Prince 3 months, 3 weeks ago. Hector Ryes 4 months ago. Zelgaia 4 months ago.

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    Rubai Sora 4 months, 1 week ago. Cecillia C. Lady Drac 4 months, 2 weeks ago. Tim Schuessler 4 months, 2 weeks ago. Available Spirit Badges.