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A moment in time that will change my lives forever where my best days repeat, and I could make time stand still. Then I know I can live this glorious moment forever. I think one of the best questions you can ask yourself when you just can't seem to have that one moment in time is, do you know how stressful it can be to have so much wrong going on in one person's life? Though, bad things happen, unfortunate things can happen to anyone. Cruel stuff like getting an injury on the job and it, not your fault, but to be treated as if it is.

Betrayal from friends and loved ones.


Things that bad for your mood like the car breaking down at the worst moment, bills due and not enough money to pay them all. When I speak of that one moment in time, I am talking about that moment where you are the ultimate winner, the shining star, someone who knows how to seize that one moment in time. A time where everything is going your way, and nothing and no one on this Earth can affect or take that achievement away from you.

Moreover, stop putting others over yourself, but to know how to love where you can wear the crown and forget about the enemies and most importantly, to live that moment you are qualified to experience. Lastly, It's your time to deliver and share with everybody your one rare moment you are born to carry out. For me, one of those moments that went against me is helping and trust the wrong person who was out to destroy me as I build them up to attempt to do just that.

A moment that changed me

But you know what instead of worrying about them and their issues, I felt like there is no challenge strong enough to ruin a person who desires to overcome the worst life offer. I refuse to worry about things I simply cannot control; I shift my energy into moments where it seems like almost every moment of my life, I'm always looking at the positive side of what life brings my way. To some, it would be easy to hate a person with such a toxic behavior, but as for me, I believe hate and anger are emotional parasites that will destroy a person and their happiness in life.

Yes, I would say it does. It would be magical and a dream come true for a person that genuinely need that one moment in time. That one moment in time.

Although if you are sitting and waiting, it's in vain. You have to go for your moment in time and when it comes to what you want out of life, go for it as if you won and are given first place and what you capable of is not endless. You can be, and you are a winner if you put in the effort. Also, there will be an opportunity for you to laud the process and series of moments that could last for a lifetime if you take advantage of that one moment in time. Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.

Decision making, willingly choosing the right or wrong choice, will lie at the core of our personal and professional lives.

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Moreover, despite your best intentions and efforts, trouble has a way of forcing its way into many lives even when it is inevitable. Prepared, or not, anything can happen in life at any moment to change the best situation in the worst circumstances where suffering is the outcome. Such is the moment I have direct experience before in life. However, I am living a much better life today, although occasionally in life, there are those moments of unwanted situations where I am limited in unexpected ways, yet I know if that one moment in time presents itself, I would live in the moment and make each minute count by living life to the fullest.

Above all, we should remember that there will be a series of moments that will lead us to both failures and successes. It's the decision we make that will determine defeat or victory. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thoughts that spring to mind are being ble to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of hard times and carpe diem sieze the moment taking the opportunities that come your way.

Hi, Pam, thanks for this update.

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There is no better time to have one moment. It is even a step.

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Sign In Join. If I add six months to this moment, my local offset will be This will be properly handled:. Using the same date string:. As you can see, this time the date has been shifted forward three hours, from to to be in line with UTC. It is very important to remember that this function is mis-named. When you use. A fixed offset is NOT a time zone.

Most time zones will have more than one offset at various points in the year due to DST. Also, most time zones have changed their offset over time. Any math performed with a moment in fixed offset mode may yield unexpected results. The use cases for a fixed offset moment are limited.

'One Moment In Time'

See the Stack Overflow timezone tag for more information on time zones vs offsets. The moment. Note that this functionality does not work without the Moment TimeZone add on library being included in your project. A list of IANA time zone identifiers and offsets can be found here. It only causes extra code to be sent to the browser. Of course if you are in Node, feel free to bring it in everywhere just in case. The resultant time is This moment will be time zone aware, so if you were to add six months to it, at which point Berlin will have an offset of , the moment will correctly change offsets:.

They wish for the date to be interpreted as local time. If you are thinking this, please use caution. When you get a date with an offset, you are getting valuable information about both local time, and the point on the global timeline. Throwing this information away may not be helpful down the road. If you are sure that you do not want the offset information, the best practice would be to have the system that you are getting the date from stop sending the offset.

Any other choice may be misinterpreted later. As developers though, we live in reality. If you need to ignore the offset, you have a few options. No change will be made to the time. If the offset is some other number, and you wish to ignore it, you can use.

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  • Thus, mathematical operations can have unexpected results. As you can see, the time has been interpreted as local and has my offset. Note that this will not work in strict parsing mode, as there will be left over training characters. It will result in an invalid date. I have searched for two hours to try to figure out why my date was coming out a day behind and this post finally solved it. Thank You!!! Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress.